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The Baby Boom Generation: The largest generation ever—with the longest life expectancy of all time.

And guess what? The Boomers are getting ready to retire in massive numbers. This means that the demand for senior care facilities is set to explode.

This is both an amazing business opportunity and an opportunity to provide a loving home to people who might otherwise end up trapped in a cold, institutionalized facility.

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Hi ! We’re sisters Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright. We’re registered nurses with twenty years of experience each helping the elderly feel loved and cared for in their later years.

Today, we own and operate numerous 7-figure senior care businesses, and we can teach you how to create your own through our consulting company, Innovative Senior Solutions.

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At the masterclass, we’ll get you started creating a comfortable home for senior citizens, not one of those generic, medical warehouse facilities that so many people suffer in today.

We believe that older people need the comforts of a home environment and deserve loving people to take care of them.

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