We are the #1 Experts in Launching & Growing Senior Care Businesses

We are the #1 Experts

in Launching &

Growing Senior

Care Businesses

“Innovative Seniors Solutions has gone above and beyond the call of duty for Golden Hearts PCH. I started out with a vision and dream of owning my own PCH. I had no idea how to make it happen. I called Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright. They walked me through the process. They even went so far as to do some advertising for me (with their own money). I’m so grateful for them partnering with me.

Thank you so much Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright!”

Taidra Times

Start your own senior care business like a pro!

We know first-hand what challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a senior care business. Now there's no excuse not to succeed because we have your back.

We'll give you the knowledge, skills and tools to make it happen. As well as support from our team of experts who know what they're doing - we guarantee success with proven results that will boost morale in no time at all.

Getting started takes time but don't worry; we have solutions to help guide you every step of the way from navigating the licensure process, to setting up your facility, to putting the right policies and team in place.

Which coaching program is right for you?

I'm just getting started and need a step-by-step plan for launching my business.

I already have a Senior Care facility and need support in growing it into a thriving business.

Looking for a 1:1 Guidance from start to finish?

We offer a complete turnkey solution for motivated action-takers looking to start their own senior care business in 90 days.

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